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Freshly-made bread and cakes.

We sell the following products: typical bread and cakes from Madeira, Portugal and Venezuela; café service; all types of cakes for birthdays, 1st communion, Wedding, Christening, Artistic, Graduation, pies, cakes for adults and children, and any other personalised cakes; empanadas, cachitos, arepas, cachapa, Jamón bread, hallacas, chicha, 3 leites, puff pastry cakes, honey cakes and broas, Hungarian butter biscuits, meringues, miniature sweet and savoury pastries, Portuguese Easter cake, Portuguese Christmas cake, profiteroles, cheesecakes, lampreia de ovos (Portuguese sweet egg dessert), bolo rei (Portuguese Epiphany cake), macaroons and much more! Come and pay us a visit and try our delicious pastries!

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