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GUESS was created by the Marciano brothers in 1981. They left France in search of the American Dream and, inspired by European influences, they redefined denim. One of their first designs was the 3-zip Marlin, which were slim-fit stonewashed jeans. Bloomingdale’s was the first to welcome the brand in their department store. They ordered 12 pairs of jeans that disappeared off shelves in a matter of hours. This was the start of a great success story.

GUESS became a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle, and has throughout the years, kept people dreaming with their iconic advertising campaigns.

GUESS has been in Portugal since 2009, and has left its mark on the national market. One of the great advertising and communication tools the brand has been using is social media, through their Instagram hashtags, #loveguessportugal and #loveguess

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